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TouchPoints Insurance is only applicable to customers in the Australia.

Please note: TouchPoints Insurance covers 1 set of TouchPoints™. If you order a family or institutional pack, you will need to order multiple TouchPoints Insurance.

This 1 year Insurance Value pack covers:

  • Defects outside the standard manufacturer's warranty.
  • Replacement of up to 1 set of TouchPoints™ within a 12 month period. Damaged TouchPoints™ must be returned to be eligible for a replacement set.
  • One set of replacement clips or watchband couplers included within a 12 month period. Free shipping on replacement parts.

Not included:

  • Replacement TouchPoints™ in the case of loss.
  • Replacement bands not included.
  • Fluid damage for Originals
  • Fluid damage for Basic for immersion below 12cm on water or more than 1 minute

Please click here for full terms and conditions

Basic vs Original


  • BLAST Technology
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • No App Required
  • 3 settings (slow - sleep, medium - calm, fast - anger)
  • Currently on pre-order, will begin shipping in late April.


  • BLAST Technology
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • App Controlled
  • 6 pre-settings (calm, focus, sleep, anger, performance, craving)
  • Ability to customize settings


  • FREE Shipping across Australia for orders $40 and above
  • Estimated Delivery: Approx 1 week for Basic and Original devices
  • Delivered by: AU Post Parcels. You will receive Tracking id when shipped.



It's okay to change your mind! You don't buy a TOUCHPOINTS™ everyday! But when you do, we will make sure that you have complete peace of mind. Here are the terms for the refunds:

For PRE-ORDERS: Full refund within 21 days! Please contact us at support@thetouchpointsolution.com.au intending your desire to cancel the pre-booking and you will receive a full refund.

After receiving the devices: Full refund within 30 days from the date of delivery as recorded by your Australia Post tracking number. This is for cases where you are not 100% satisfied with the product. Your return postage will be pre-paid by us :-)

Note: No refunds will be provided for the accessory watchbands and extended warranty if purchased separately. If they are purchased with the device, then the full order value will be eligible for refund.